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Herbicide Mode of Action Selection Chart
Identify popular herbicides according to mode of action, ingredient, or chemistry with this handy chart!

Weed Free NC is supported by a grant from the
North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission

Weed Free NC is a program of soybean farmers and their checkoff. 

Pulling Together for Weed Free N.C.

Herbicide-resistant weeds are a major problem for North Carolina farmers, crowding out productive crops and spreading like wildfire. This isn't just a nuisance; this is our livelihood at stake. It's up to all of us to put in the extra effort to eliminate this problem, with one goal in mind: Zero tolerance for resistant weeds.

Farmers can’t rely on one product or one mode of action to effectively treat resistant weeds; those days are gone.  Weed Free NC encourages farmers to take up tools including crop rotation, residual herbicides and multiple herbicide modes of action. Above all, hyper-vigilance and extra effort to eradicate these weeds.

Take the Pledge to Take Action on Weeds

Visit and select the tactics that you will use to combat resistant weeds in 2014.  Then take the pledge to take action on weeds.

Take Action Now and is an initiative of soybean farmers and their checkoff through the United Soybean Board.

XtendiMax Herbicide Now EPA Approved for In-Crop Use

Monsanto's Xtendimax herbicide is labeled for in-crop use in Roundup Ready Xtend soy and cotton for 2017.  Growers must be familiar with application requirements and should take advantage of opportunities to receive training, to minimize the potential of off-target movement.  Visit for complete information on tank-mix partners, nozzles, and more.

Recommendations to get a jump on resistant weeds in 2017
(1)  Start Clean in the Spring!
(2)  Use full label rates.
(3)  Target weeds before they get more than two inches tall.
(4) Utilize residual herbicides including pre-plant and pre-emergence.
(5)  Don't rely on a single mode of action!

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